Experiences of trans/non-binary people in forms of alternative education


I’m an MA student at the University of York studying Social Justice and Education and will be conducting interviews over the summer for my dissertation research looking into the experiences of trans/non-binary people in ‘alternative education’ (e.g. homeschooling or Steiner/Montessori/democratic schools). 

See Information & Consent Form for full info.

I would like to hear from young people (or their parents/teachers) who have experienced some form of alternative education. I want to interview people who have already finished, or are about to age out of 'compulsory education', the participants will have to be 18-25 years old.

To take part, download the file from Google Docs, fill in the consent form at the bottom and send it to the email address given in the form. If you or any young people have further questions about the research study or if there are any things you would need to know before passing it on then please do let me know.

Information & Consent Form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OM5IkA85gS879EY6cbTQa9BKUaWUBf9VlcvlTUUqRrU/edit?usp=sharing

(Either download a .docx version or ‘Make a Copy’ to complete and send/share back to me)

EMAIL: [email protected]


Thank you in advance for you time.

Kind regards,   Jodi McNally-Burn (They/them pronouns) MA Social Justice & Education Women, Trans & Non-Binary Part-Time Officer (GSA)   Student ID: 207053720