The value of home education research- call for survey participation from EHE families


New Home Education Research (PhD) seeking home educating families to participate in an online survey followed by Photovoice. Families can choose to take part in the survey only if preferred.

What is the research for?

This research is looking to answer the following questions:

1.       What do Home Education families, particularly children, value about education? 2.       Is there a link between how families, including children, value education and education capital in the home? 3.       What does the reproduction of education capital look like in a Home Education space?


What do we mean by ‘value’ and ‘education capital’?

The existing research often tells us the reasons why parents choose home education, but it doesn’t really tell us how parents value education, itself. Some families may value education because of the career rewards they anticipate for their children. Other families may value education because they see the merits of teaching good morals, ethics and their family values.

This research looks at if/how families value education overall.

The existing home education research doesn’t include much about the process of learning that takes place outside of schooling, or the learning that may take place for the adults/parents. This is a huge opportunity for this study to consider if/how beneficial home education might be, not just for the children but also for the parents.

Education Capital is like a pot of gold. Each time a learning experience occurs, it has the potential to add to that pot of gold for both children and adults. This study seeks to understand if/how educational experiences and opportunities, within home education, alter the capital held by the adults. Maybe the capital increases because those educational opportunities are experienced by the adults as well as the children.

This research looks at if/how education capital is transferred from children to adults during the home education experience.


This research is divided into two parts:

  1. Online survey (anonymous) that can be found here
  2. Photovoice


What is Photovoice?

Photovoice is a creative form of research that uses images taken and chosen by the research participants (families). This method helps children participate and encourages a variety of different groups to share their lived experiences pictorially. Created by families, chosen by families and shared by families. Photovoice aims to create an inclusive, personal perspective of life.

Photovoice is a research method that aims to enable individuals to represent themselves and share their own story. This research offers its participants, including children, the space and support to build a picture that represents their individual world and their individual perspective of that world.

If participants volunteer to participate in Photovoice, they will be guided, as a family, to do the following:

  • Photograph elements of their home education experiences that show how each family member values education
  • Choose 7 images that demonstrate elements of home education that the family value most
  • Share those 7 images with the researcher during a 1:1 online interview that will be anonymised for confidentiality purposes

More information on Photovoice can be found here:


How will the data be used?

The resulting data will be analysed and presented in collaboration with each family. The data will be published in a thesis (PhD), in subsequent presentations to academics and conferences as part of published academic journal articles and in support of policy making. Data is coded and anonymised to ensure families and individuals cannot be identified. Guidance is given to families, helping them to limit identifiable features and content in their images.


If you would like to volunteer to take part in Photovoice and share aspects that you value the most please email the researcher at [email protected] or [email protected]


About the researcher

Chelle is an experienced home educator and education academic. Chelle has home educated her four children over the past 17 years and takes the unique approach of enabling her children to navigate their own educational path, through self-directed learning at home, and where they so choose, utilising schooling and college. Chelle’s eldest has applied to the police force through the degree apprentice programme and one of Chelle’s girls is currently undertaking Forensic Psychology with the Open University. As well as training teachers, Chelle has done a significant amount of work in the Early Years field of education and with policy makers in the UK.

Chelle believes children can take responsibility for their educational pathway when supported by positive, encouraging adults. Choice is of paramount importance to Chelle and her children, who live by the motto: Every Opportunity is a Learning Opportunity.