Homeschooling: A Comprehensive Survey of the Research


  • Robert Kunzman Indiana University
  • Milton Gaither Messiah College


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This article provides a comprehensive summary of the English-language research and scholarship on homeschooling, organized into the categories of demographics, curriculum, academic achievement, socialization, law, relationships with public schools, transition to college/adulthood, and international homeschooling. The 351 texts used in this review were culled from virtually the entire universe of English-language academic texts on the topic: more than 1,400 in total. Scholarship was evaluated using three primary criteria: quality of scholarship, significance or influence, and distinctiveness of insight. This review sought to answer the following questions: What primary topics or themes are addressed in the literature? How effective are the methodology and analysis performed? What does the research reveal about homeschooling, and what questions remain unanswered?

Author Biographies

Robert Kunzman, Indiana University

Robert Kunzman is an associate professor at the Indiana University School of Education.  He is the author of Write These Laws on Your Children: Inside the World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling.

Milton Gaither, Messiah College

Milton Gaither is a professor of education at Messiah College (PA).  He is the author of Homeschool: An American History.






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