Caesurae in Home Education: Losing Control, Gaining Perspective…


  • Alice Khimasia Independent scholar


Educational alternatives, progressive education, alternative education, difference, educational theory, educational philosophy, home education, education policy


Asked to write about our home education, with the pressure of a deadline, I am somewhat uninspired.

This is because home educators find themselves on a journey and, inevitably, there are twists and turns in the road, steep hills to climb, as well as glorious descents when we can coast along and feel the winds of liberty rushing past our ears. The steep hills can be especially difficult for the majority of us who were schooled ourselves, and are exacerbated for those of us who went on to train as teachers and so were further entrenched in the system of institutionalised schooling and its ideas.

For our family, the past few years in our home education journey have been bumpy due to life events. Most notably the arrival of a baby in 2012 and a rather stressful house move in 2014.

In my mind, these events have meant caesurae: pauses, interruptions and temporary cessations in our boys’ education. In reality, this is not the case...








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