Anleitung von PraktikantInnen in Freien Schulen: Eine Gedankensammlung

Ulrike Nicolaus


English abstract

It is often forgotten that Free Alternative Schools are also places of training. Students from different backgrounds do internships in the schools and pre-schools of FAS.

Based on her experience as a tutor for interns at the pre-school of the Freie Schule Marburg, the author reminds us of the need to attend to the interns who are easily put out of their comfort zone in the unfamiliar territory.

Their situation is characterised by demands of their base institutions which are not always one-to-one compatible with the concepts of the Freie Schule Marburg. Many interns have a rather intense emotional and very personal experience during their internship. This requires great care from the tutor, and particularly a specific time set aside for reflective communication with the intern.

Ein oft vergessenes Element der Freien Alternativschulen ist, dass sie auch Ausbildungsstätten sind. Regelmäßig finden sich in den Einrichtungen PraktikantInnen aus unterschiedlichen institutionellen Zusammenhängen. Bei uns in der FSM zum Beispiel: Schüler...


Educational alternatives; progressive education; alternative education; difference; educational theory; educational philosophy; home education; education policy

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