Visiting Glockseeschule in Hannover or: A Parabolic Flight Between Two Different Schools

Dirk Eiermann


Whoever comes to visit the Glockseeschule in Hannover will soon find out that the school is not actually located in the area marked on the map as “Glocksee.” It is in fact located in the urban district of “Döhren” near the river Leine. The school consists of a large building surrounded by extensive outside spaces, a yard and a lawned area. The semi-open, slightly tangled design of the ensemble of spaces is immediately appealing. Adjacent to the schoolyard is a little church. It evokes the impression of a small missionary attempt set for failure from the outset, but the building nestles nicely into the overall brick-lined picture. The Glockseeschule is not an “island”—this much I can sense already.

This is where my two-week visit in March 2014 starts, a sort of tracing back of commonalities and differences of two schools: Glocksee and Freie Schule Frankfurt. The account that I am writing...


Educational alternatives; progressive education; alternative education; difference; educational theory; educational philosophy; home education; education policy

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