Meditative and Mindful Practicing of Self


  • Leanne Tonkin OISE - University of Toronto


Educational alternatives, progressive education, alternative education, difference, meditation, mindfulness


This short overview is of some findings from a study on a secular meditation of children living in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The children in my study had for several years practiced a breath awareness and loving kindness meditation at the NGO where they lived and/or at the school they attend. I asked three guiding questions:

1)    How does the child experience meditation?

2)    How does the child build morality through meditation practice?

How does the child’s meditation practice offer certain “protective†benefits?

Author Biography

Leanne Tonkin, OISE - University of Toronto

I am a recent graduate of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. Living in India for 2.5 years, I conducted a pedagogical phenomenological study with children who practise a secular meditation at the NGO where they reside and/or at the school they attend.






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