BOOK REVIEW Mayo: Hegemony and Education under Neoliberalism

  • Nick Peim University of Birmingham
Keywords: Neoliberalism, Educational alternatives, progressive education, alternative education, difference, educational theory, educational philosophy, home education, education policy


This is not I think the kind of book you would read from cover to cover. It seems to have been written with that proviso in mind, in fact. Its chapters have the feeling of being discrete essays on dimensions of Gramsci’s thought. For while the book’s title indicates a general interest in questions concerning education, neoliberalism and hegemony, it is in effect a series of essays on Gramsci. The author freely admits that the book represents the gathering together of otherwise scattered writings. These disparate pieces are united by the three-way focus—education, neoliberalism and hegemony—that holds it together thematically rather than logically. As such it provides a useful, instructive and well-informed resource...
Book Review/Review Essay