Exploring E-learning provision for Children with ME in Scotland


  • Anna Katherine Sheridan Cross Party Group - Education of Children with ME (Scotland)
  • and members of the Cross Party Group - Education of Children with ME (Scotland)


E-learning, alternative education, ME, myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, Scotland


The rapid development of technology over the last two decades has led to a range of innovative e-learning solutions for education such as the island in Teen Second Life, "Schome Park" (Twining & Footring, 2010) for teenagers. Many such innovations are targeted at young people who would benefit from alternative educational provision, for instance Notschool, and mobile learning (e.g. Lockyer, Johnson, & Dyer, 2010) both aimed at young people who have become disengaged from mainstream education.However, educational provision for children with the chronic illness ME is rarely discussed...


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