Educating for Democracy in England and Finland: Principles and culture by (Eds.) Raiker & Rautiainen

  • David Gribble Libed
Keywords: Educational alternatives, progressive education, alternative education, difference, educational theory, educational philosophy, home education, education policy


The results of the PISA tests, combined with the title of this book led me to expect garlands of praise for Finnish education and calls for the total reform of the English system. I was therefore surprised to find both praise and blame fairly evenly distributed. In the dozen chapters by different people that compose the book, the shared concern is that in both countries the idea of democracy is being sacrificed to neo-liberalism. The notion of education as an experiment in and preparation for democratic citizenship is taking a back seat because the purpose of the state curriculum in both countries is no longer individual development, but instead contribution to economic growth and productivity.

The twelve chapters include...



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