A Perspective of Democratic Teaching through the Lens of Research on the Application of Daoism


  • David McLachlan Jeffrey Academic Bridge Program, Zayed University


Educational alternatives, progressive education, alternative education, difference, educational theory, educational philosophy, home education, education policy


My perspective of democratic teaching, and my attempts to embrace it, are shaped by my life-long interest in ancient Chinese philosophy and its practical application to my teaching through reflective research based on teacher diary studies.

Teacher diaries are written accounts of experiences that teachers encounter, and their entries are examined for recurring patterns leading to deeper insights into the teaching and learning experience.

My approach is to read texts on Daoism in the evenings and highlight parts that give me insights into my teaching. I then contemplate how best...

Author Biography

David McLachlan Jeffrey, Academic Bridge Program, Zayed University

David McLachlan Jeffrey is a South African instructor in the Academic Bridge Program, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates and has taught English as a Second Language in Japan and Saudi Arabia. He has a deep fascination for Asian philosophy, and believes that it can be applied with success by teachers worldwide.


Jeffrey, D. (2013). Safeguarding victory for both educators and scholars: A diary study based on the 36 stratagems. Other Education: The Journal of Educational Alternatives, 2, (2), 4–41.





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