Editorial: We Are Limitless Difference


  • Helen E Lees York St John University


In 2011 I graduated with a PhD entitled The Gateless Gate of Home Education Discovery (2011). In that thesis—my gate into academia, provided by gatekeeping examiners—I suggested the field of alternative education (and especially home education) had no gates, but many valid entrances. I quoted a few times from Zen koans, just to prove the point…If I extend the metaphor today there are likely not even hedges around the edges of the field of alternative education. I notice this as I edit this journal, given the wide range of work and topics offered…and the lack of clear identity. Or so it seems. This editorial aims to change that, once and for all? You see: We are different. We are not limited. We have an identity. This threefold label of “We are Limitless Difference†needs explanation.

I’ll explain it thus: Our disciplinary identity is not based on tribalism, but on a way of thinking. This way of thinking combines our interests at the deepest level of...




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