Symposium Collective Memory-Work (2021)


  • Robert Hamm Sligo School Project


From the outset Collective Memory-Work was intended to be a method for research and emancipatory learning with a consciously open form. Over three decades the method has been successfully used in academic research in a variety of fields. It has been adapted and adjusted according to purposes of the applications, institutional frameworks, organisational necessities and methodological considerations, leading to further developments of the method. Narrative transformation, collective autoethnographic memory-work, mind-scripting, collective biography are some of the terms that reflect these developments. The symposium in August, 2021 in Maynooth is meant to:

  • foster an exchange about the use of CMW (its timeliness, its variations, the potential fields of application, its value in teaching, learning, research, social activism);
  • create an opportunity to build networks for cooperation and knowledge exchange across geographical and disciplinary boundaries;
  • build bridges for an increased transfer of CMW into non-academic areas.





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