Collective Memory Work. A Methodology for Learning With and From Lived Experience


  • Brigitte Hipfl


This collected volume edited by Corey Johnson is very stimulating in several ways. It provides the insights of Johnson’s decade long use of collective memory work as a research method and activist tool, based on his own research-activism and on his role as methodological supervisor of doctoral research. The fact that collective memory work is a collaborative process is affirmed by the fact that all the chapters are co-authored, with Johnson always being one of the authors. Through both theoretical contextualizations and thorough discussions of questions regarding the implementation of collective memory work in various research examples, the reader learns what this method can accomplish, and what the challenges are when working with this specific methodological approach.

The first chapter by Corey Johnson, Dana Kivel and Luc Cousineau, gives a concise introduction to Frigga Haug`s development...





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