Researching Professional Teacher Learning Through Artful Memory-Work

  • Megumi Nishida


Using the arts for teacher education may not be new, but using a method of artful memory-work for teacher professional learning is exceptional, especially for teacher researchers and teacher educators. Memory-Mosaic: Researching Teacher Professional Learning Through Artful Memory-work edited by Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, Daisy Pillay and Claudia Mitchell (2019) consists of ten chapters, contributed by 21 teacher researchers and teacher educators from South Africa and Canada. Each chapter of the book shares experiences that develop new ways of understanding professional learning through various forms of the arts. The authors of those chapters are creative, even brave enough to use unorthodox materials, for example photographs, collages, poems, films and even popular TV series, to elicit their memories of experiences as learners and educators...

Book Review/Review Essay