Renewing Steiner Teacher Education

A Conversation with Florian Osswald


  • Neil Boland


This article contains an interview between the author and Florian Osswald, one of the co-leaders of the Steiner education movement worldwide, held at the end of the four-day Asian Steiner Teacher Educators' Conference in Yuchi, Taiwan in February, 2020. It focuses on the work of the International Teacher Education Project (ITEP), an initiative set up by Osswald in 2017; the aim of ITEP is the renewal of Steiner teacher education worldwide, through a process of long-term engagement with teacher educators around the world. The interview covers the consultative process Osswald has chosen for ITEP and indicates how a century-old, globally distributed, spiritually based educational movement is looking to maintain that relevance. It gives insight into the current status of Steiner teacher education and some indications of directions... 

Author Biography

Neil Boland

Senior lecturer in education at AUT University, Auckland, NZ





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