J. Krishnamurti and the Contemporary World Crises: Introduction to the Conference Proceedings


  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Nayha Acharya


We, Ashwani Kumar and Nayha Acharya, are excited and honoured to share the conference proceedings of the J. Krishnamurti and the Contemporary World Crises International Online Conference. The conference took place at the end of February 2021. It was free for anyone to attend. In our introduction we share how the conference was conceptualized, why J. Krishnamurti is a relevant focus in today’s world, how the conference unfolded, and how attendees responded to this conference.

I, Ashwani Kumar, have spent much of my academic journey studying, applying, teaching, and engaging in dialogues about J. Krishnamurti’s insights into human consciousness and education. Early 2020 brought with it a tremendous shaking up of human consciousness with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement that seemed to have ignited the entire world. These occurrences shone...