Conference Proceedings J. Krishnamurti and the Contemporary World Crises: Opening Remarks and Keynote Panel Session One


  • Prachi Kaul
  • Julie McMullin
  • Meenakshi Thapan
  • Ravi Ravindra
  • Hillary Rodrigues


Opening Remarks


Prachi Kaul

I am extremely proud to be part of the inaugural session of the virtual conference organized by Mount Saint Vincent University and funded by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI). I wish to acknowledge the support of the top leadership of Mount Saint Vincent University, and especially, Dr. Julie McMullin, Vice President Academic and Provost, for being instrumental in bringing her university to SICI’s Canadian Members’ Council.

This particular event is happening on the bi-national corridor of India and Canada, two great democracies of the world with great responsibilities. I am personally delighted to see a great collaboration among the member institution in India and Canada for this academic deliberation.

Some of you may not be very aware of the SICI. SICI’s mandate is to build academic and cultural relationships between India and Canada by undertaking programs and providing services that facilitate and sustain bi-national dialogue...