Conference Proceedings J. Krishnamurti and the Contemporary World Crises: Practitioners Panel Session Two


  • Ashutosh Kalsi
  • Mukesh Gupta


Can Non-action Bring Global Order?

Ashutosh Kalsi

There is a widely held belief that more action is required to solve the many problems facing the world today: environmental crises, global-social-personal conflicts, mental disorders, the pandemic, etc. We need to examine whether that is indeed the case, or whether another approach is required. Do we need to go into each problem one by one, or is there a way to approach the whole problem of human disorder all at once? 

In addressing this question, Kalsi uses his own life experience as a starting point. He shares the story of a time in his life when everything felt empty and without meaning. He was rushing from one goal to another without pause, solving problems with action and identifying productivity as noble. As he reflected on his own life at the time, he saw the same restless movement playing out in the world around him. He began to see that the answers to the world's problems do not lie in scientific knowledge, and that technology can be destructive if not rooted in wisdom. It was at this point that Kalsi discovered Krishnamurti...