Conference Proceedings J. Krishnamurti and the Contemporary World Crises: Indian and Canadian Teachers Panels Session Five


  • Shailesh Shirali
  • Anantha Jyothi
  • Vaishnavi Narayanan
  • Michael Cosgrove
  • Kristen Amiro
  • Carolyn Prest


I got to know about Krishnamurti through his writings, which I found transparently simple, free of jargon and quotations and containing deeply sensitive depictions of natural landscapes. I was drawn to study the teachings and joined Rishi Valley School as a teacher soon after, and I have been with the Krishnamurti Foundation of India schools ever since.

Looking around, we see the world in a mess: political systems in disarray; people lost in the advancement of careers and the pursuit of ambitions; lost in entertainment and sport; lost in ideologies. We see great loneliness and deep unhappiness. We see the ecosystem ravaged, close to breakdown, with the threat of catastrophe looming large. Where do these problems originate? The ultimate origin, surely, is our pursuit of false values, which comes from our upbringing. If one is concerned about the state of the world, then our attention is naturally drawn to school education. The question therefore arises...