Coming Full Circle: Reflections of an Alternative High School English Teacher


  • Caitlin Johnson Fargo Public Schools


As a Native American graduate of an alternative high school program, my experiences in education may differ from my academic peers. Put simply, alternative high school education provides a non-traditional high school learning experience for its students, which varies by school.  I have had a long journey that affects my personal approach in the classroom as a teacher. As an Alternative High School English Teacher, I teach reading and writing to 9-12 grade students in an alternative high school setting, and I meet each student where they are—adapting my lessons for each individual student as needed in order for them to be successful in school.  In this paper, I cover my experiences as both a student and an educator in an alternative education classroom where I have found that my own experiences as a student in an alternative high school program help to influence the decisions I make now in my own classroom. This includes how I make connections with my students, and how I create a positive, welcoming classroom culture by utilizing our shared experiences.





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