Playing the University Game: The Art of University-Based Self-Education By Helen E. Lees


  • Matias Noferi


This book is aimed at all college students. It is a book accessible to all but which, if it is truly understood and absorbed, has the power to transform the way we relate to the university and to shed light on neglected, uncritically accepted aspects. It is especially aimed at students who do not know how to approach university, what to do with a system that seems to work against them in a certain sense. It is an orientation map that allows you to use the university to your advantage and not fall victim to it. It is structured in chapters in which the author interviews academics who explore different themes helping the reader to “play the university game.” It is the expression that gives the book its title and I think it is very explanatory and suggestive because it makes us understand that the university is an area that we can navigate in our own way, based on our person, building an experience...