The Origins of You: How Childhood Shapes Later Life By Belsky, Caspi, Moffitt & Poulton


  • Rosebud Elijah
  • Judith Kaufman



The Origins of You. How Childhood Shapes Later Life provides a potentially new landscape for our understandings of human development. Belsky, Caspi, Moffitt, & Poulton (2020) paint a portrait of human development that is complex and probabilistic with clearly identified, traceable data sources. In the introduction, they question traditional chronological documentation of human (specifically child) development based on earlier theoretical models (e.g., Piaget, see, Erickson, 1963; Müller, Carpendale, Smith, 2009; Vygotsky, 1978). They acknowledge that much of the research is based in Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democracies...



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