(KRISHNAMURTI SI) J. Krishnamurti and Educational Practice: Social and Moral Vision for Inclusive Education - Meenakshi Thapan (Ed.)


  • Bonnie Petersen


Krishnamurti was a radical teacher who spent his life giving talks around the world about the problems that beset humanity, and the transformation that is required to resolve our social problems. His argument is that no external factor can help us undertake this change; it has to be an inner “revolution.” It is only when we look into ourselves, face ourselves as we really are, that we can hope to change the world. (Thapan, 2018, p. 6)

Thapan opens this collection of essays with a well constructed self-authored chapter, laying out both the context and structure of the book. This opening chapter lays a solid foundation for the reader by offering an overview of the concepts and topics covered by the various chapter authors; however, it should not be seen as a simple description of the chapters. It is true that Thapan includes chapter descriptions...