Editorial: A Labour of Love


  • Gina Riley Hunter College, CUNY
  • Helen E. Lees York St John University


Most labors of love are done quietly, without anybody noticing, and generally without compensation. Parenting has always been an example of that. Of course, people realize that parenting is sometimes challenging, but when you see a parent in the grocery store with a toddler, does anyone ever really acknowledge how much planning it took to get them there? Budgeting and meal planning had to be done. The child had to be dressed, the car or transportation ready. Then the whole business of getting a child into the car, which is sometimes a lovely experience, and sometimes just really hard. Once parent and child get into the store, there are so many other obstacles, but also some joys (a free cookie from the bakery; the happy sounds of toddler-wonder, as they figure out a new space). Most tasks in our everyday lives are like this, filled with both challenge and happiness.

Other Education has been a labor of love for Dr. Helen E. Lees for more than a decade. That labor has been primarily done alone, and, despite some collaborators at times, the process of maintaining the website, handling submissions, reading them, selecting peer reviewers, communicating with authors, editing, getting the journal ready for publication, and publishing…over the years, it has all been Helen’s organisational and strategic development. One year ago, I came on board as Co-Editor to assist...



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