A Free Growing Person: Thoughts on School and Education Recorded ad verbatim on 20 July 2012 by Her Mum

  • Emily Butcher
Keywords: Education, school, schooling


By Emily, aged six and three quarters at the time of writing...

School has no purpose. School makes you feel like you have no freedom. I have no purpose to be at school.

I always liked school in foundation stage but then it got bad in year 1. In year 1, I started to hate school. I learnt lots in foundation stage, I had a proper and decent teacher (Mrs Y) and plenty of friends, and I had a decent class. Most of my knowledge I learnt at home. In year 1, I had not very many friends. It was absolutely terrible and too easy. In year 1 they recapped what we did in foundation stage twice; Mrs X was a decent teacher, also Mrs Z...
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