Silence in the Village: The Place of Silence in “The Village Project”


  • Stephen John de Brett King Alfred School North End Road London NW11 7HY


Education, democratic education, progressive education, silence, village project


I want to talk about the Village Project. This is a project that we do in my school where the whole of Year 8, that’s 52 children aged 12 and 13, build a village in the school grounds. They then live in it for a week and sleep in their huts, cook their own food, decide on the form of governance they want and they don’t go to lessons or mix with the rest of the school.  This screened-off settlement becomes a place apart where they form their own community through a process that is facilitated by the staff.  I want to talk about why we do this and what it has to do with notions of silence. But first, to say something about the context...


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Stephen John de Brett, King Alfred School North End Road London NW11 7HY

Head of Design and Technology; Head of Personal, social, and Health Education.







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