Skype interview with Jerry Mintz, Director of the Alternative Education Resource Organisation (AERO)


  • Helen E Lees York St John University


Education, democratic education, progressive education, alternative education


HEL: What do you think is the most urgent problem facing alternative education at the moment?

JM: The most urgent problem I think is that there are two revolutions going on at the same time, in opposite directions. One is the people who realize kids are natural learners and therefore their education should be based on what they are interested in; that it should not come from afar. In the other direction are people who have only been trained in the system.  These people are extrapolating from what they have learnt in that system and doing more of it. They know there is something wrong with the system; they know that education is failing and it’s not really working in this new millennium and so what they do is they push for more testing: to get rid of teachers, to get rid of schools, but then replace them with the same thing. More days, more homework and all of that. It’s destined to failure. So that’s the biggest problem. That side of it...







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