(B)othering Education: An Autobiography of Alternatives


  • Ian Stronach Liverpool John Moores University


Educational alternatives, theory, philosophy, educational philosophy, progressive education, alternative education,


I need to come clean. Having been invited by the Editors to help launch the journal with a piece about Summerhill School, I was delayed by another journal article whose timely publication would aid our Research Excellence Framework submission. Thus was I once again brought low by the Audit Culture. It’s a true story, but also a parable - progressive intentions subverted by a reactionary regime, but for whose “self-regulating” efficacy I have to take responsibility...

Author Biography

Ian Stronach, Liverpool John Moores University

Ian Stronach is Professor of Education Research and Co-Director of the Centre for Educational Research (CERES) at Liverpool John Moores University. He was involved as an expert witness and alternative inspector in the Summerhill/Ofsted court battle.

His recent journal publications address teacher education, alternative education, professionalism, and methodological and theoretical issues.

See: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/ECL/122545.htm


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