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Allen, Ansgar, University of Sheffield
Allen, Ansgar, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
Andreotti, Vanessa, The University of British Columbia
Atherton, Frances, University of Chester


Berg, Donald, Reed College
Biesta, Gert, University of Stirling
Biesta, Gert, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Blankertz, Stefan
Burke, Katie Maree, University of Southern Queensland
Butcher, Emily


Charkin, Emily, Institute of Education
Clarke, Matthew, York St John University
Clarke, Matthew, University of New South Wales (Australia)
Cleaver, David, The University of Southern Queensland
Corpus, Jennifer Henderlong, Reed College
Cremin, Hilary, University of Cambridge
Crompton, Helen, Old Dominion University
Curtis, Will, University of Warwick
CWC, Concerned for Working Children


da Veiga, Marcelo, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences
Dahlin, Bo, Rudolf Steiner University College
Dahlin, Bo, Karlstad university, Sweden Rudolf Steiner University College, Norway (Sweden)
Davies, Richard, Aberystwyth University
de Brett, Stephen John, King Alfred School North End Road London NW11 7HY
de Oliveira (Andreotti), Vanessa, University of Oulu
Demir Atay, Hivren, University of Gaziantep, Turkey
Dickinson, Sarah, Home Education in Northern Ireland
Doddington, Christine, University of Cambridge

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